AGI Specs and Helpfile

sonneveld I know these are two different documents. If you're not familiar with them..

AGI Specs: details how the agi interpreter worked. Not updated for yonks but was used to help create the clone interpreters. Sarien has a version of it somewhere in it's docs package. Useful for people creating interpreters or software for the interpreter.

AGI help file: comes with AGI Studio, being updated by Chris Cromer, helpful information on each command available. Useful for game developers.

Now the thing is, a lot of data is shared between them.. Especially the information on commands. The specs aren't getting updated as much these days either. What would be nice is if they were actually one document. AGI Studio could base it's helpfile on the programming information and interpreter developers would have something updated to work with.

I wanted to do something about it for aaages but I haven't had time. The question on strings reminded me about it.

Another thing.. why are all the commands in the specs in one huge file? why not separate them so all the logic commands are in the logic section.. all the picture commands in the picture section.. I dunno.. seems helpful.

Now I know that I've said I want to do a lot of things and haven't actually got around to doing it (yet) so I'm just asking what other people thought.

I've got a few weeks available soon so I should be able to do something then.

- Nick
df there is the updated one on the main sarien site. (which i cant find...)

i have an old 3.0