I've downloaded the studios and stuff now what?

Andrew M Any advice guys?

I have a killer story idea that I would like to begin working on to make into a game. I have also been a huge fan of Sierra's work in the 1980's and early 90's and would like to make a game similar.

But I'm not that knowledgable when it comes to programming and other processes involved in this game making process. Exactly how should I or could I start this game making process?

I also have people working with me who are knowledgable in C++ and Visual Basic but I myslef am just really a writer and an artist and am not sure how to begin, like with the program SCI Studio or AGI Studio 256 both of which I would like to use to have AGI and more moden SCI Characters and enviorments in this game.

Any tips guys? :-\
Mokalus_of_Borg Plan first. Plan thoroughly, plan well. Revise the plan until it's just the way you want it, including screen sketches and maps. Then figure out whether you want to program the game yourself or get some help.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - <yoda>But plan first you must.</yoda>
PPS - And make sure the plan is complete before you move on.
Brian_Provinciano It's great that you have a story first! That's the first step in making a great game.

However, you won't be able to make your game until I release SCI Studio 2.1 and it's tutorial. They will be released this week. There are just two bugs the beta testers found that I still need to fix. If I might be able to have it out in two days.

When it's released, all you need to do is go through the tutorial to learn SCI Studio. Since you have a background in C++, you should have no trouble at all.
Aleks How many pages is the tutorial.
Brian_Provinciano I've broken it up into 26 chapters, but that's only to make it easier to understand and do. Some chapters are small. Each chapter is for something specific, like making doors, using the inventory, handling a death sequence, etc.
Helg I was wondering if you think a 14 year old boy would be able to make a game from the tutorial. I am not like other 14 year old people. I dont prefer shooters where it doesent matter wether or not you suced. As long as you kill alot. I do like Half-Life and Tom Clancy's games but other from that I prefer games like Civ 3 and I love adventure games. They realy make you think.

So. I youse a Windows PC alot so I have a understanding of Windows. I have started learning the basics of computer programming and find it very enjoyabel. So will I be alble to make a game.

One moore thing. Can you do like the sierra did with their games. Split them up into several disks. So that when it reaches a serten point it will ask you to change disket. My friens is also a fan of these games but he is also very much older then me. He likes to make his own games and he wants to be able to make them as much as the original games as possible. Therefore he wants to put them on disket. Just for the fun of it.
Brian_Provinciano It really depends on how well you can program. If you aren't farmiliar with Object Oriented programming (like C++, Java, Delphi), then you should learn one of those languages first. Delphi would be the easiest, and I think you'll like it.

And, yes, you can split them up into seperate disks.
helg I do delphi. I did a school project with delphi once.

I know most basic comands like

If Then

and so on.