SQ Is it possible to have the game autosave something?
I mean that the interpreter just saves the game to SG.1 without asking the player where it should be saved or what it should be called.

And is it also possible to autoload that saved game when you start the game?
Mokalus_of_Borg Yeah, saving to only one slot without a name should be possible, and is probably easier than the current standard system. Autoloading on startup shouldn't be a big hassle, either, but why would this be an advantage?

Mokalus of Borg

PS - There's a reason all these AGI games have multiple save slots.
PPS - Please tell us more about the reasoning behind this question.
SQ Well, the thing is, I'm just learning to program AGI games and I wanted to make a short test game, nothing to complicated. And for some reason (I really don't remember why) I thought, why not make an AGI-version of Frogger (I'ld make it horizontal, not vertical). Frogger is of course an arcade game and not an adventure game, so the player shouldn't be able to save the game. But still, I'ld want to save the highscore table, which should be done by the interpreter after each game.
Of course I could just prompt the player to always save the game in the same slot, but that's not really userfriendly, now is it?
Mokalus_of_Borg Fair enough then. I guess I was being close-minded about the possible uses to which the AGI engine can be put. Oops. :P

Mokalus of Borg

PS - Good luck with that, then.
PPS - And that's quite enough from me.