SCI programming

Trig Brian,

I was glancing at the documentation for your class system and was curious as to how you did one thing.

How can you reference the first few selectors in the Obj class? Obviously, every class and instance has a species, superClass, -info-, and name selector, but how do you access them?

I realize that you will be releasing all of your code soon, but I didn't see this documented anywhere. Of course, I havn't exactly performed an exhaustive search. Any information would be appreciated.
Trig I forgot to add one other boggle.

Do you need to specify inherited properties for classes?

For instance:

(class Foo
bar 0

(class FooToo of Foo
bar 0
bell 0

In the declaration for the FooToo properties, is it necessary to specify 'bar' as a property since it is inherited from Foo?
Brian_Provinciano There are the following keywords:

For classes, you need to specify all the properties. However, they are automatically added in instances. When making a game with the template, you shouldn't use any classes, only instance--unless you are extending the class system.