Help with platform code

Andrew_Baker I made this kind of side-view platforming code like in Oddworld or Flashback, but I've kind of hit a wall with it. The source code is available at in the downloads section. If anyone could help me with a few suggestions, I would really appreciate it.
Randy What specifically are you having trouble with?
Andrew_Baker Finishing out the code. Y'see, the demo allows for you to jump straight up or drop straight down when encountering a signal line. The animations I used are rudimentary, but the effect is supposed to be something like OddWorld or Flashback. That means, he'll have to turn to face the proper direction to jump to or drop from a ledge. Eventually, he'll have to be able to long-jump as well. Also, a simple, accessible action button would be nice. Think of a side-scrolling Black Cauldron or something. I've already implemented the jump straight up and drop straight down.
sonneveld How are you going with this?

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Not too well, considering I started this thread hoping for input from different people. Basically, I have to use the two control priority colors joined with a position ego command test in particular sequences to demonstrate to the interpreter the appropriate animation and response.


signal (green) ----
water (blue ) -----
signal (green) -----

equals (can jump up or drop down, facing left)

signal ------
signal ------
signal ------

equals (can jump up or drop down, facing right).

This is how the priorities for the pics need to be done. I just haven't coded this far, yet. I don't really want to have to do all the coding myself, so please help me. Otherwise, I'm going to do it all by myself and take all of the credit. Please, don't inspire arrogance within me, as it will be so Goddamn UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your help.