Problems with rooms.

Koleman Hello everyone.

I started to make game with AGI Studio and ran into problem with moving between rooms. It seems that when ego tries to enter next room, game begins to loop that first room really fast. Everything still seems to be in order in scripts. Anyone has an idea where the problem might be?

smartguy240 I believe to fix the problem of looping the room and not going to the room you want to might be fixed by looking in your logic for something that says something to the effect of
| this may be different for you
| depending on which edge it is
if (ego_edge_code == right_edge) { // ego touching right edge of screen;
| You change this number to the room that you are want to go to.

I might suggest Joel's Logic Generator for re-scripting the room if this does not work to fix your problem.

I think this might fix the speed problem too... :-\

I hope I helped... :)

SMG240 8)

Koleman It works fine now. That script generator solved the problem.

Thanks for your help!
smartguy240 Anytime 8) ;D

[glow=red,2,300]GOOD LUCK IN YOUR GAME!!![/glow]