Hardest agi game to beat.

Robin_Gravel Which agi game is hard to complete?

For me it's Space Quest 2. Because it's my first agi game I bought and I know little english at this time.

I was stuck when Roger dies in the dark cave and gets drowned in the swamp. The "dive" command is not enough.

"hold breath" is the only command I can make it.

Robin Gravel

df i think gold rush had some tough work in it. also in sq1, the swamp, you didnt know the cave was actually there! there were no clues unless you walked in the right spot!
Corby LaCroix I think gold rush is the hardest too. But when I was a kid I could never get past the dark cavern in Space Quest II. Once again cuz I couldn't find the gem.
smartguy240 When I was a kid, SQII was the hardest game for me to beat because of two things:

One was the "rub berries on body" part, I had no clue about this because If I made it past the bubble monster-thingy, I had not freed the red guy, and vice versa.

The other was in Vhouls lair when you had to escape at the very end from the death-o-matic or what ever it was called, to get into the escape pod!

Rich I think that without a doubt, Manhunter was the hardest AGI game to beat, perhaps because I was just not used to the system. SQ2 was also quite hard. It's not quite fair that you have to type "hold breath" instead of "dive". Who's gonna think of that! They didn't even hint. I kept trying to find objects I could use to breath through. I even tried putting the athletic supporter over my head! It's not too hard other than that. KQ3 was also hard, but only because making the spells can be difficult. 'Tis all.
Corby LaCroix Hey Rich, is "I'm so excited!" your catch phrase? I see it quite often!
smartguy240 Yeah, that KQ3 thing always go me because I never colud quite figure out what the heck I was doing with "mandrake powder" and "flywings"(or what ever they are called!) !

Rich Well, Corby, let's just say it's difficult to not be excited when I'm constantly working on such an exciting game as FQ2! But, what's a catch phrase really except something you say often. So, yeah, I guess you could call it a catch phrase.

btw, about my new game... I'm so excited!

re: KQ3, I just couldn't figure out how to start a spell. i imagine I had to type "turn to page vii" or whatever. Who would've thought of that? Can't I just type. Make spell or make teleportation rock spell. Man, how difficult.

Oh, I thought I'd mention. I had KQ3 on Atari St way back. When doing the spell and having to type the long phrase exactly, if you just hit return four times, you never had to type anything and you wouldn't die! Unfortunately, this bug was only on the Atari St version, not the IBM compatibles. But, still cool!
Corby LaCroix Ha ha, looking forward to your game!
smartguy240 You know Rich... that is one of my problems too. I cant think what to type. I mean who is going to be literal enough to know to "turn to page vii" or to "take a deep breath"? It is kind of like when I made Patrick's Quest 2000 On RPG Maker 2000, I would out things that made sense to me on there, like, you have to go over here and do this first before you can...., but when my friends came over and played that it was like,"who would ever in their right minds think to do this?" same with the earlier stages that have been completed on my AGI game that I am working on "Patrick's Quest ver 1.01" nobody does things the way that they were thought into my mind therefore I have to add those things into my game!

So, mabye Seirra is the same way, during the epoch in which the KQ and SQ and QFG and PQ...ect... games came out, maybe people thought to do that kind of things like "take a deep breath". Or... Maybe it made sense to Sierra that you would do this but people like us, it dosent make sense to before you know to do this!!!!!

Andrew_Baker Yeah, but, having a bad parser script doesn't equal a challenging game, just a badly designed one. With Voodoo Girl, I am attempting to capture multiple dialects of English in anticipation of releasing multiple language versions with specialty character sets. The idea is to make the gameplay transparent. If you allow many synonyms and sentence structures in your scripts (which is virtually unlimited in size [I've never maxed out and I'm a memory hog]) then gameplay can be transparent while the game itself is still difficult. EG, King's Quest I sucks because it has a poorly scripted parser. The puzzles aren't hard, but it's a pain in the ass to figure out exactly what the programmer called the thing you need to do. Is it "Turn the wheel" or "Use the Circle?" However, most games are better.
Rich I guess that the moral is, when making a game, try having as many friends play it as possible to get different inputs people might say. And then, implement them! Well, that's what you're planning too, anyhow.
smartguy240 [color=Beige]That would be a correct statement because what you think about what should happen might not be what your friend(s) think![/color]

[color=Orange]You should always use multiple sources when checking/editing a paper in school, so I guess you should do the same with AGI games!!! ;D [/color]