SCI01 version of Mixed-up Mother Goose

Omer Mor I posted it on the AGI board, but it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well:
I'm looking for the SCI01 version of M.U.M.G. for the PC.
I already have it for the Amiga, and I can run it on my PC using QFG2's interpreter, but only without sound, so I still need the real PC version to complete my collection of sierra games.
Does any1 here have it, or know where to find it?
Thanks in advance,

Since I never got a chance to write here:
I would like to thank you Brian for your great SCI Studio. It's the best thing I ever saw on the 'net. I eagerly wait the release of version 2.1 !

And also I would like to thank Ravi for his General MIDI driver for SCI0 games. It brings new life to my favorite games! Do you think you could make a GM driver for SCI01 games as well like QFG2?
Brian_Provinciano Thank you for your support! I too can't wait for SCI Studio 2.1 to be released, and am working around the clock to get it done ASAP ;D

There are many versions of MUMG. Since you already own the Amiga version, I won't consider you downloading a PC version pirating ;) Try searching for "abandonware". You might also want to check out the VGA version instead.

And yeah, Ravi's drivers are excellent! I'd like to thank you as well Ravi! Great work!
Ravi Why thank you both.

I did end up writing a driver for SCI01, though it only supports QFG2 at the moment. It uses a patch resource to do instrument mapping on a per-game basis. The mapping for QFG2 is based on Tom Lewandowski's GM arrangements.

If you want to try it out you can get it at You won't get digital audio but you should be able to finish the game. Be sure to copy both mpumap.drv and patch.204 into the game directory.
davec I just posted on the AGI board before noticing this discussion here, which is where it belongs. I haven't found any evidence of this version being released for the PC. I haven't tried Ravi's driver, but I did manage to get some music using Sierra's MT32 driver, strangely enough.
Omer Mor I tried looking for abandonware but it's not an easy task since most of them don't distinguish the different versions of the games, and if they do they usualy have only the VGA version and the AGI one.
I already have the VGA version.. I want the sci01 one for the sake of completness... I already have all the other AGI, SCI0 & SCI01 games.
Omer Mor Ravi:
I just tried it and it works like a charm! thanks man!
I also copied the patch & driver with the amiga resources of the sci01 version of Mixed up Mother Goose, and it played music, but with different instruments, so I guess it needs a different patch file. I also guess that if tom didn't find the arrangment for this game it would make a lot of work to find it out, right?

There is such a version - I have the amiga one right here and I actually just finished the game.
Now if I only could lay my hands on the PC version of it...
Ravi Indeed, Tom's work made producing an instrument map for QFG2 easy and painless. I don't have an MT-32 myself, so I have no direct way to produce maps that stay true (more or less) to the original music.

If you can send along patch.001 from the Amiga version I could try generating a map for MUMG using FreeSCI's mapping algorithm. As far as I know it's only based on instruments sampled from SCI0 games, but there may be enough overlap to work.