Mixed-Up Mother Goose

Omer Mor My collection of sierra is not complete and I can't sleep at nights! ;)
I know there are 3 versions of mixed-up mother goose:
1. AGI version.
2. SCI0 version.
3. SCI32 (?) version called mixed-up mother goose deluxe.
I am currently missing the second version (SCI0) and I have no idea where to look for it...
Does anyone here have this version by any chance or knows where I should look for it?
Thanks in advance,
Robin_Gravel Are you sure there is an sci0 version of mixed up mother goose?

I should looking back at the sierra catalogs I own if this version of mother goose exists.

Robin Gravel

davec The amiga version available at Back to the Roots (http://www.back2roots.org) is actually an SCI01 version. I tried the resource files with the interpreter from QFG2 and it worked nicely. I've heard that there was also an AGI version for the amiga but I haven't seen it.
Omer Mor Thanks! I've managed to get it and play it both on the amiga emulator and on winxp using the files from QFG2 as u said. only problem is that I have to play without sound. when i choose adli for example i get an error message telling me it can't find patch.003 so i guess that for pc music i have to get the real pc version of game.
any1 ideas as where to find it?
davec I don't think think the SCI01 version was ever released for the PC. If someone can prove me wrong, please do. I managed to get some music by setting the music device to MT32 instead of Adlib. It doesn't sound the same as it does on the Amiga emulator, especially when it comes to the sound effects, but it works pretty well for the most part.
Omer Mor Davec:
I managed to run the game with adlib, but since my winxp don't support adlib I can't hear if it's ok.
this is how I did it:
for adlib to work the game needs patch.003, so extract it using sci studio from kq1(sci) and put it in mother goose's dir.
HwM The SCI version of Mixed-Up Mothergoose was released on the PC. It's on an (illegal) CD compilation "Oh No, More Games 3" which was released in the Netherlands, around 1994. It contained all Sierra games, Dynamix games, Coktel Vision games and some Bright Star games. The AGI version of MMG, however, wasn't on the CD...
Omer Mor 1. Is it the sci01 (16 colors) version, or the sci32/sciwin (256 colors, hi-res) version?
2. Do you have it?
3. If the answers to the above questions are "sci01" & "yes", do you think you could send me those files?
Thanks in advance,
HWM. 1. SCI01
2. Yes
3. If you give me your e-mail...