My fangame project problems

CMK2901 You may already know this, but I'm working on a fangame for SQ called
"Space Quest 6.5: Insert Subtitle Here"
and I'm also thinking of the name
"Space Quest: Unnumbered"
So, which one do you like more? I need to know!

On the other hand, I recently took a 2 week break from the game and have come back. I finished my 3 intros and one playable room. BUT now I have a little-big problem. I have EGO walk out into the next screen and everything works fine EXCEPT EGO himself. He seems to be stuck in an invisible box or something and I can't move him. I can make him turn up/down/left/right but he doesn't move. Is this a bug or am I missing a command line? If command line, what is it? If bug, how do I fix it?
Mokalus_of_Borg You might have the ego stuck on a "no-go" line in the pic file. That's my first guess.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I'd probably go with the "Unnumbered" option.
PPS - Just because of un-AGI expectations people would have of SQ6.5.
Corby I've had this problem at least 5 times. What I did was in my logic for the room i had this:

if (prev_room_no == 5) {

The prev_room command is AFTER the draw(ego) and show.pic commands.

To fix this I did was this:
if (prev_room_no == 5) {


Now the prev_room command is BEFORE the draw(ego) and show.pic command.
I just tested this and my ego seemed like it was trapped in an invisable box and my ego isn't a mime.
So check and see if this is your problem.
I have no idea why it does this but it worked for me.

Brian_Provinciano I'm not trying to dis any of you AGI fans for mentioning this, as you know I am a great AGI fan as well...

Have you considered making your Space Quest game in Sierra's SCI game engine?

SCI Studio 2.1, which will allow you to make a complete SCI game is almost ready for release. I just need to finish the tutorial and touch up the help file.

My SCI Studio tutorial is aimed to be as easy to understand as possible, and I believe it is better than any AGI tutorial around, so if you could learn from the AGI tutorials, you should have no problem with the SCI one.

It will be released VERY VERY soon. You can check out the info on it, as well as download my SCI Demo Quest game at
CMK2901 Actually, I would LOVE to make it in SCI, but the studio is still pretty blocky and there aren't enough tutorials for me to learn from. The help file also isn't totally completed. Plus is there any template for making new games like in AGI Studios? You, know, like with the main logic and death handlers and message file and mouse support file....all already included so I can get straight down to work?
Brian_Provinciano As stated, there is a template game, complete with EVERYTHING, including death handlers, etc. My tutorial is better than any AGI tutorial IMO.

It will be release by the end of next week complete with all the bug fixes, template game, bonus features, help file, and COMPLETE TEMPLATE!

The current release (2.0) can't make complete games, but 2.1 can! If you just wait a week or so, it'll be in your hands!

SCI Studio makes life easier, and is a lot easier to use than AGI Studio. Though the scripting is a little more complex than AGI's logic, with my tutorial, you should have no trouble at all!

Go to and download Demo Quest to see it's almighty creation!
Rich Hey Brian,
When I finish FQ2, I take a shot at SCI STUDIO 2.1. I could potentially make FQ3 in SCI. That would cool! One of the first completed fanmade games in SCI.

I'm so excited!


(or I may want to wait until FQ4. That's what Sierra did with King's Quest)
Brian_Provinciano There's no reason to wait to start in SCI Rich :) The more SCI games people make, the better! It will give everyone who plays fan made games a better experience. I will do my best to promote all the fan made SCI games people make.
CMK2901 I will definatly wait another week for the next SCI Studios (so cool). I mean....I have to either way. Those teachers at school are just beeting everything out of us before next wednsday rolls around! ::)
Rich Well, when you release it next week, I will definitely take a look. I want to see how much more difficult it will be to use SCI vs. AGI. SCI certainly has a lot more to work just as far as pixels go. The pictures can have so much more detail. On the other hand, on that note, I'm afraid that since the do have more detail, it will be that much harder to draw good pictures. Well, I'll definitely give it a shot. Perhaps I could even begin work on FQ3 before I finish FQ2. That would be exciting!

Brian_Provinciano Rich:

If you keep the pictures simple, making them won't be any different from making AGI pictures--they'll just be drawn at a 320x200 ratio rather than 160x200. Since you draw in a 320x200 resolution in picedit, it'll be just like that, just less blocky.

The graphics aren't a huge deal. It won't matter if you keep them simple. Once you start drawing your pictures in SCI Studio, I doubt you'll want to go back to AGI and the DOS picedit.

As for the scripting, it is more complex than AGI, but with my tutorial, it should be no harder to learn. I'm making it as easy to understand as possible.

SCI gives you far more abilities than AGI, so once you learn it, I doubt you'll want to go back.
blacki I'd try;


But that's just a guess...

Oh, yeah. And Dial "A" for Anarchy 2 is going to be in SCI but I'm not going to worry about that until I've finished 1 in AGI. And those other projects.