Voodoo Girl Update

Andrew_Baker Just to prove that I'm still working on her, Voodoo Girl has just gotten a decent update. If you're interested, check it out and let me know how the new features work for you!

Nailhead wow, what an update! I love the butterflies. And the rolling rocks work great, it's so much easier coming down the mountain than it is going up. :)

Now for a suggestion:
How about adding some more word aliases for "cauldron", like, "cauldren", "coldren", "pot", and "vat". It just might make it easier for people with spelling problems.

and a little bug:
In Mama Houngan's hut, the "F10 to Click" dissapears when looking at your inventory.

Great job though, I'm really looking forward to seeing this thing develop.
sonneveld I like the new layout of voodoo girl's cave. Have you finished the colouring?

- Nick
Andrew_Baker BWAAAAH-Hahahahahahaha!

I've not been doing much of anything thanks to school. Fortunately, I'm taking UNIX administration and C programming, so I'm essentially receiving credit just for showing up. Not to be cocky, but today I had to show my teacher that you can use return to escape a forever loop. HAHAHAHAHA!

But, I plan on spending a lot of time this weekend on appending my code, perhaps releasing the beta Monday morning, maybe releasing a demo of my next AGI game. I'm not sure yet. It all depends on whether it fits into my beer-drinking schedule.

Anyway, I will definitely be releasing a major update on Monday, including certain advancements in platforming and a room which finally uses the push.block code I wrote a long (it seems like years) time ago.