New guy with a few questions

Johnny On The Spot Hi, first off I just want to say that this is by far the greatest thing ever created. I've downloaded just about every game I could find. My personal favorites are Residence 44 & Hank's Quest. But there's these two games called "Hitler's Legacy" and "Napalm Quest". I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a complete or updated version of these two games. Also I'm attempting to make my own game. I'm using AGI Studio 1.35, am I using the best one as of now? I see some people talking about NAGI, I don't know. And lastly, how long does it usually take to make a game? Say if you worked on it at least one or two hours a day.

AGI1122 Well first of all the most recent version of AGI Studio is 1.36

second, those 2 games are abandoned.

NAGI is New Adventure Game Interpreter, it is used to run AGI games in a windows enviroment.

As for the time it takes... it vary's depending on the game and it's creator... how long the game will be.
Sami Tervo Well as artist of project Hitler's Legacy I have to say that the game isn't abandoned, Brian Corr, the programmer and designer of this game is just missing =). For over half year I haven't heard a word from him. So let's hope he'll appear someday.
AGI1122 Well then how about this, these 2 games are on hold/abandoned. Is that better? :)
Sami Tervo =D sure!
smartguy240 Where can you get AGI STUDIO 1.36? It isn't at where I got ver 1.35 or did nailhead even make 1.36?
AGI1122 He posted a beta at this board, but he didn't release it on his site. Just go post diveing and you should find it.
smartguy240 So it isnt completely finished yet?
AGI1122 Nope...
gpm The post where Nailhead posted AGI Studio v1.36 is at:;action=display;threadid=668

I know you probably already found it, Smartguy, but just in case you or anybody else didn't find it, here it is.
smartguy240 THANX ;)