Hi im new

Cpu_Guy Hi im Cpu_Guy I really like the old Sierra games and when I found this my head blew off!!! I always wanted to program a game like sierra. This is going to be Hard but also fun!!! ;D
Robin_Gravel Hi Cpu_Guy. Welcome to the agi/sci community. Yes. It's very hard to learn how the agi works for the first time. I suggest to begin with the template. Back in 1998, I figured out how the agi works and I made my first agi game: Naturette. Sorry if my english is not perfect because it's not my first language. I'm talking french. Now: I made 4 games in english and 7 games in french. My site: http://membres.lycos.fr/agisite/agisite.htm Robin Gravel
gpm Hey! Always great to see a new face! :)

There's a bunch of great tutorials at <www.agidev.com/tut.html>. I particularly like the list of all the commands used in AGI code (Section 4.4 in the Peter Kelly tutorial, if I'm not mistaken).

Another great way to learn how AGI works is to download as many AGI games as possible, then read the code in AGI Studio. You'll find plenty of interesting tidbits about view changes (like when a character enters the water), event handling, collision detection, just to name a few.

While I have yet to make an AGI game, I find studying the language to be great fun because you can easily create something great with a good story, and you don't need to be an artist to do it!
Cpu_Guy Thanks for welcomeing me!!!
This is going to be fun!!!! ;D