Creating AGI-style game in 16millions colors...

celeriman There could be a way to create an AGI-style game in 16millions color/sounds using The Games Factory or Multimedia Fusion...

For info about TGF or MMF, visit :

The problem is that it doesn't use the AGI tools or apps, so you'll have to learn another language (easier than AGI/C...).

If someone is interested, just post something.
Robin_Gravel I saw some sci1 games like in the game factory on the net but I don't know if tgf supports type in command like agi.

I own klick & play. Not the game factory and the multimedia fusion. But K&P is too primitive to make adventure games. Only action games.

Robin Gravel
celeriman I've found a way to allow typing with TGF/MMF (I don't know if it's working with K&P)

Here's a demo :

And By the way, K&P allow you to create adventure games. Check out :
Nailhead Yes I suppose it is possible. In the demo, everything seemed to slow down considerably after typing "talk" and walking around. Perhaps the sprite engine is not very optimized.
Robin_Gravel Hi celeriman

Your demo is great.

Also I downloaded the k&p adventure game. It's great too but I can't save the game.

I know the tgf games may save the game but not knp.

Robin Gravel

celeriman In reply to : Nailhead
I've used a 16 millions colors and a 640x480 screen resolution while I just needed 256 colors and a 320x200. I could optimize it.

In reply to Robin Gravel :
I did not understand what you meant to say by "I can't save the game". Do you mean "save/load your game"?

well, I never used K&P. I began with TGF, then bought MMF for 9.99$US on e-bay. Using TGF/MMF, it's possible to create a SAVE/LOAD feature (using a .ini file). If you have K&P, I think you can open the adventure game (but I've never understood how the guy programmed it).

And BTW, I'm still stuck in Serguei Destiny. I can't extinguish the fire in the Blackmagic's castle.
Robin_Gravel I was meant saving/loading a game to prevent to begin from scratch.

In Serguei's Destiny, use the sword on the pots.

Robin Gravel
celeriman I really like to create an adventure games (AGI-style or else), but I need a story first (Sci-fi just like Space Quest).
Andrew_Baker Well, see, celeriman, AGI is based on a scripting language, so it's portable to any platform for which an interpreter is written. I don't know about those others. How portable are they?

Truth be known, any of us with enough time and work, could produce an engine specifically optimized for adventure games that would be technologically superior to AGI or SCI. There are plenty of projects like AGAST, AGS, ROBOT, etc. that you could use as well.

For me, AGI is as simple as possible and holds a certain nostalgic value. I also seek to make the best game possible using a limited engine. Robin Gravel does similar stuff, as does Jen's Quest. Of course I could have a game with 16 million(?!) colors and high resolution, but I'd rather practice until I can make a game in b+w with pixels the size of melons that is still fun to play.

BTW, If you need a story, first examine your setting (space, good start). Then consider the theme (Comedy, drama, romance, space opera, etc.). Then you can begin building the world in which your characters will live. Develop some kind of conflict or conflicts that will speak emotionally to the player. Place your characters within the framework of the conflicts and their innate character will often make it easy to determine what they would do in a given situation. ROCK!
celeriman Hmm ... I guess you're right. Creating a superior engine isn't that great because we lose all the great moments we had with the classic one...

and BTW, thanks for your help (about story).