... back in a month

sonneveld Hi,

I know I haven't been contributing much lately.. and I haven't been able to check out any of the new game releases either. :(

The reason for this is that I've been pretty busy with uni.. I've got exams coming up and a few assignments so I'll be keeping an even lower profile in the next month 'n a bit.

I've been meaning to make an update to agidev.. and hopefully it won't be too long.. but until then I need to work on this uni stuff.


Andrew Baker - Good luck with work 'n stuff.. hope you find time to work on VDG. where are you anyway?

Chris Cromer - Let me know if you make any more updates on your games/news databases

Joel - Congrats on the new release of Jens Quest.. it will be one of the things to play around with when i get the time

Robin Gravel - ditto with Naturette 2.

Mokalus of Borg - Your preprocessor idea sounds good and is probably the best compromise between new compiler and being compatible with old syntax

df - don't get a tattoo.. get a really cool scar instead.

Femo Duo - will try out new version of Hank's Quest one day

Eiodolon - what happened with your picedit project? any chance of releasing source so other people can help it shape? did you manage to pin down an interface?

Joakim - Found any time to work on Visual AGI? I'm glad we've got a sound editor now that other people are now looking at.

tripitaka - it's great you got your Buddhies site back up. The new screenshots look awesome.

I hope I haven't missed anybody... see you all in a month.. I should hopefully be still contactable via email.

- Nick
AGI1122 The news system is finished, I have added some basic color to it and have put it up for everyone to look at and use.(I might tweak it here and there but it is finished.)

As for the AGI database stuff, I am rewriteing my uploader for it.

Well good luck Nick. Cya when you return.