Demo Quest Released!

Brian_Provinciano [center][/center]

I've released another SCI sample game. This one really has the goods. You can pick up a key, open a door, close it, go to another room, turn on/off a lamp to change the picture colours (dark/light), etc.

This is a must see! I'm working on the docs steadily. When they are done, you'll be making games. Until then, this is a taste of what you can make!
Robin_Gravel Great work Brian.

I see no one picture to show a room when it's darker. I guess it used an sci command.

I could make a game with day /night scenes without adding night scenes.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano In the picture editor, you'll notice that there are four palettes when you select your colour. You can change the colours of each of them and then you can have day/night scenes. All you have to do is specify which palette to use with DrawPic().
AGI1122 Wow nice work, your site was down earlier and I just now got to try it out. :)

Nice online help too. :)
Brian_Provinciano Thanks :) :D ;D

I've just finished documenting the 63rd class. I just need to finish documenting some of the public procedures, then the kernels, then the tutorial! This is EXCITING!
Robin_Gravel Take your time Brian.

I can wait 1 more month to see your newest sci studio with better tutorial.

Robin Gravel
Aleksander Whens the help file going to be completed. I went to your page and read that youde done about 96% of it.

I myself would like to make help files for programs I make. So far I have yoused Word and Notepad so I was wondering if you could tell me what application you use for the jobb.
Brian_Provinciano It will be done soon. I'm finishing the tutorial right now.

The help files are just HTML files. You can make them with any text editor or HTML editor. I compile them to CHM with Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop, available free at
Aleks I was wondering if it was posible to do like in AGS and add voices to the games.
Robin_Gravel It should.

Because in King's Quest 1 remake, I heard some noises like closing doors. I had a 486.

But newest sci games do not work correctly on fast computers with sound activated.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano King's Quest SCI was an SCI01 game. SCI Studio, working with SCI0 games, does not currently support voices. However, future versions will.