Jen's Quest Demo 2 is here!

VvTG (Joel) Yes, I promised it I don't know how many months ago, and it's finally here! I've done a lot of work on this thing recently, and I can finally say that this demo is something that isn't embarrassing!

Wait, it's better than that, I think. It might even be pretty good!

For real, though, I have released a second demo of Jen's Quest, now available on the Jen's Quest website. The demo features greatly improved graphics, much better word recognition, and some more of the game has been implemented (mostly conversation with NPCs). Check it out!
sonneveld hey congrats. There's so much agi stuff going on and I don't have time to try it all out.

I'll try and get some comments your way on the weekend.

- Nick
AGI1122 And I will post this so it will be in the AGI news. Edit: Alright Joel, you have your own little article about Jen's Quest at You can reply to it and so can everyone else.
gpm Excellent work, Joel! It looks great!

One thing about it: You said it will have a "M" rating, but I still would have to rate it "MC-17"! ;D
Rich Like I said in my apparantly deleted post, good work Joel! I really enjoy this new version of your game. I'm glad you're back!
VvTG (Joel) Thanks, guys.

Rich: I saw your post before it was deleted. Glad you liked it, and those particular aspects of the game.

greenpm: Why an NC-17 rating? There's nothing gratuitous in the game :) . It's matter-of-fact about some things, but an NC-17 would suggest that the game isn't at all appropriate for anyone under 17 (the comparable ESRB rating would be AO - Adults Only), and personally I don't think that's true. On the other hand, maybe I just have unconventional ideas about what is and is not appropriate for people under 17. I wouldn't even consider rating Naturette 2, where practically every character in the game is nude, higher than a PG or PG-13 (I guess it's T in ESRB ratings), and then only because there are a few adult jokes. On the other hand, I'm sure you could (without much difficulty) find someone who would label it pornography and slap an adults only rating on it in no time.

The M rating was actually as opposed to the lower G or PG (E or T in ESRB) rating that I might have given the first demo. I definitely didn't tone down anything in this demo (nor do I have any intention of toning anything down).
gpm I'm just joking about the NC-17, really. I agree with you Joel that even though there are "mature situations" the game doesn't deserve a strict rating just because people have certain reservations about a character walking about nude (since it's not sexually based, I don't think it's offensive..)

Basically I'm making fun of the conservative American view of the human body. Somewhere along the line someone came up with the idea that openmindedness leads to moral depravity. It isn't the case with Naturette or Jen.
sonneveld I *finally* got around to playing your demo Joel. I've played through both demos now and I didn't have any trouble with the parser like I did last time. The biggest problem was that I didn't know the right command to get Jen to change into Claudia, but I had no trouble in this version.

The graphics are great.. and you put some effort into the morphing animations which works well. Instead of just swapping views, you gradually change it. I'll be able to put a new screenshot up on agidev.

It's a shame you don't have time to add more screens. I really wants to try and explore the area a bit more.

umm.. I'll post something if I can think of anything extra.

Thanks for the credits.. :)

- Nick
Joel Thanks for the comments, Nick. I've actually done a considerable amount of work on Jen's Quest since releasing the demo. I've added preliminary ability to have conversations with all but three or four of the NPCs in the game, and I've added a few new screens. I'm not going to start telling you to look for a demo 3 yet, but it might not be too terribly long.
sonneveld What happened to links to your utils page?

- Nick
VvTG (Joel) Not sure what links you mean. The page is still there as far as I can tell.
sonneveld I meant, there's no links to the utils section on your main index.

- Nick
VvTG (Joel) Hmm. Looks like it's there on the main page to me. The link is written by an external JavaScript file. Maybe it failed to load for you?
sonneveld ahh.. I didn't realise.

I've swapped isps and I can't connect to some sites (like any tripod sites). The only way I can access them is through some external proxy.. and it adds it's own javascript for ads.

I think my isp is blocking sites or they have really poor routing. Their network is a joke.. If I traceroute anything it's 150ms for the first hop (over the modem) and then 4000ms for the next!

Anyway.. I'm planning to swap to something else when I have time. Sorry for the confusion.. :)

- Nick