German Expressionism!

Jens Hi,

I've decided to make an AGI game entitled The Quest for Film. The goal will be to turn every movie you find into German Expressionism! (this can basically be achieved by removing color and throwing in a few shadows).

What do you guys think? I know it sounds like a strange idea, but I think I'm on to something good!

Now that's German Expressionism,
Mr. Thompson Jens? Is that you from my Film Study class back in '94? Wow! No one else in this world would care so much for German Expressionism! It's got to be you. I had no idea you loved AGI as well. I think your game is a great idea! German Expressionism truly is the ultimate artform. I think your game would be awesome if you went through existing games like King's Quest or Larry and had to change the color of those games! My only question is, with AGI's limited palette, how would you go about the black and whites. Perhaps you could use one of the many useful utilities that this community has created to change the palette or make it 256. I'm so glad that they provide that for us.
Hey, if you need help with this game, I am there for you! After all, I taught you everything you know about German Expressionism. "Now that's German Expressionism, Jens!"

H. Thompson
sonneveld Jens = Mr Thompson = meezo = greg tommers = icobod = libor = rich eter


- Nick