AGI News

AGI1122 I have set up a new system not only for my site but for AGI in general at

This will hopefully for now on be the leading source of news for the AGI community. Go ahead check it out comment on the news read the comments just try it out and tell me what you guys think.
Sami_Tervo hmm..nice idea, perhaps pic (screenshot of game/app) on the left side of the thread would be nice.

and colourdesign could use little bit of fixing. grey is so boring and deppressing, try opposite colours,light blue and orange would make nice outfit.
sonneveld I believe it's simple so it can be fiddled around with just a style sheet.

- Nick
AGI1122 Yes, style sheets can be applied to it.

Screent shots can be included, just include them when you post and it will appear with the message. ;)
AGI1122 For those of you that want AGI News on your site, I have a little snipet here for yall: TAKEN OUT FOR NOW This is php, and must be used in a .php file. Where ever you put this the news will appear. For instance if you put this code in your web site, the news will appear in your web site. If you put this snipet by itself in a blank file then the only thing that will be displayed is the news. Try it out and tell me what you think. (Do remember that your host must support php for it to work, other wise this script is useless to you.)
df and if i refresh my page, I DOS your system...

best thing to do is track in the DB when that particular IP grabbed the news and block for 30mins or something, to stop DOSsing.