SCI News

AGI1122 I have set up an SCI news system at I would bookmark this page, hopefully it will become a good news resource for SCI. Also Brian, I want to know if you want to be a moderator for the news. This will allow you to post news about SCI and the news will appear on the scinews.php when you post it.
Brian_Provinciano Naw, I don't really need to be a moderator for it. I moderate so much, I don't always have time to update it :)

I'd love to update my Ultimate AGI & SCI Web site more, but all my work goes towards SCI Studio. The rest of my computer time then goes to updating the news/download page on the SCI Studio site.

Hopefully I'll have more time when SCI Studio is done to update it.
AGI1122 I think your misunderstandning this, being a moderator just gives you the power to start topics.

Bascially all you do is post like you would normally do here, and then what you post will automatically be inserted into scinews.php for others who want to know news about SCI to read.

I wasn't talking about actually moderating the board, that is what I am there to do.

The only reason I have it set up so that only moderators can make new threads is because I didn't want just anybody posted in the news(for various reasons). They can reply but they cannot start new news articles.

Well after this little bit of enlightenment, do you still not want to be "moderator(just a title nothing more)" for the news?
Brian_Provinciano Well, I'm still just going to use my offical news page at, and then post the occasional messages here (when the news is major). You can update it with the latest news as you see fit.