Making agi pictures from Photos!!!

hager Could someone please help me with making pictures from photos????

Brian_Provinciano Check out Juha Terho's excellent tutorial at:

It explains how he draws a picture by hand, scans it, then traces it with PicEdit. It would work exactly the same for scanned photos. This is the best picture tutorial out there and is a must see!
Sami_Tervo :P puuh, forget it unless you are in the mood for torturing yourself.

get noptec-vector converting program from, v1.4 . it's the best for converting any pic to agi-format(both visiable/priorityscreens). just remember to first convert original pic to agicolours and after that raise colouramount to 256 (you just have to do that, dunno why). i recommend psp for that. save yer pic to .bmp or .pcx and convert and voila.