SCI Template Game Released!

Brian_Provinciano I've released the first binary of the SCI Template Game!

It doesn't look like much at the moment, but it contains thousands of lines of code, 29 scripts, and more! It is a fully functional SCI template.


Get it, and more info at:
Robin_Gravel Script.201 not found when walking at the bottom of the screen. Robin Gravel
AGI1122 When I try to save, it says please enter a description, even though I have already entered a description.

Also the mouse functions parse the middle mouse button as the left one...

But other than that, everything works great! :)
Brian_Provinciano It only contains one room. It just contains an example of how to go to the next room but I never bothered to make that room.

Many old interpreters don't support the middle mouse button. It's using interpreter 0.000.572, which only supports the left one. I can easiliy upgrade the interpreters.

It only says "Enter a Description" if you press enter. Clicking "Save" works. This is a minor bug, thus it's 0.9. There are some issues in the save/restore interface, but they aren't bug deals, so I decided to release this before fixing them.

All in all, I'm aware of almost all the bugs and will fix them, by the next release.
AGI1122 I tend to use this interpreter the most: 0.000.685

I like it's drivers the best(sound mostly because it has sound blaster support :P).

This version also has all 3 mouse buttons(I have all 3 implemented in my template.)
Brian_Provinciano The amount of buttons you can use is dependant on the interpreter, not the game. This template will support 3 buttons as well if it is used with the QFG intepreter or newer.

Make sure that the interpreter will simulate the middle click with a shift+left click or something if you're going to use it. Otherwise, implementing use of the middle button is a pretty bad idea.

BTW, I'm thinking of releasing the template under the GNU GPL, so anyone who uses it and releases their game must release their original source code :) heh. What do you guys think?
AGI1122 I guess my template will have to come along faster if you release yours under GPL. I don't think templates should have any license's period, or any credit to the author of the template(unless it is in a seperate text with other text about the template.) This is because it is supposed to be a template and having to remove that stuff everytime you start a new game does not really make it a good template.
Brian_Provinciano Generally speaking, anyone who makes an AGI game from Peter Kelly's template should give him credit. It's morally right. That's not what I'm talking about though. I'm not talking about making people giving me credit.

I've always had the idea that anyone who creates SCI games should release their source codes. That way, if people do all kinds of fancy effects or push the limits of the interpreter, their knowledge would be shared. If I release it under the GNU GPL, anyone who uses it must release their source code as well, if they release their game.

I seriously could just release my compiled scripts and SCO files, and you could make a complete game. There's no need for me to release the source to my SCI class system. However, I think it would be for the better.

I'm not saying that everyone who uses it needs to give me credit. However, if you created a complete template, wouldn't you want to be given credit?

Are you not into open sourcing?
AGI1122 I am into open sourceing, but I think people's games should not be affected, personally I would include credit to someone who the game would not be possible without, such as your template, without this nobody would be making games yet. But some people would only want to give credit to themselves for makeing the actual game.

As for the open sourceing though, I release some things under open source and some things I don't. It mostly depends on the type of program and stuff I make. For instance I would make an AGI interpreter open source, but I would not make a program like my password system for do open source. Things just vary depening on the project.
sonneveld I believe in letting people choose if they want to release their source or not. GPL doesn't let you do that: you HAVE to release your source if you use another GPL source.

Other open source licenses that aren't so "viral", so the new project can use the code.. and they can release it under whatever license they want. You've still got the original source available though.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Besides, credit to the template designer could be a comment line in the source of your program, or even a credit in the intro/conclusion of your game.

Brian_Provinciano Don't worry. I'm not trying to tell you that you need to give me credit. I'm talking more about making SCI games all open source.
Trig The only problem I see with making all games open sources having a lot of bad code serving as examples. I know that my programs tend to be a cobbled together collection of bandaged up hacks that show an appalling disregard for good coding practice. If people are free to choose whether they release their code, it can serve as quality control as people will be more likely to only release code that they are proud of or by request. Besides, requests for code snippets help generate discussion. At least, it has for the interactive fiction community.
Brian_Provinciano Well, I guess I'm not going to force everyone to open source their games, but they should ;)