Favorite Sierra AGI Game

Corby What's everyone's favorite Sierra Agi game? Mine's King's Quest 3 since it was the first one I ever played. I played it when I was just a kid on an very old computer called a Tandy.
My least favorite is probably is porbably Manhunter 1, since I still haven't beat it.... It's that darn maze with those robots! ARGH!
Corby Oops... ingore my spelling... should've re-read it before I posted.
AGI1122 ... Space Quest 2... the reason... I don't need no stinkin reason I just like comdey and sci fi's. :P
smartguy240 I think that I prefer Police Quest 1 on the AGI side.

On the SCI side, I love Hero's Quest a.k.a. Quest for Glory 1:So You Want To Be A Hero.

What kind of game is kq5 and kq6?
Is there an interpreter editor available for them?
AGI1122 They are SCI also. SCI1 to be more specific though, and no there isn't an editor for SCI1 games yet only SCI0 games.
Corby I guess my favorite Sci0 game is Quest For Glory 1 as well.
As for Sci1 i suppose it's King's Quest 6.
AGI1122 Space Quest 3, because I like dukem nukem robots. ;D

I have always been a fan of giant fighting robots.