Project Black Horrizon

RobBlack Hey Yo Canadain Superstars and Eurotrash of this brave new world, your cyclopic 6 digited Canadian hero here and as I mentioned in my last topic i annouced my new game Black Horrizon which i havent penned the details for, so i thought These guys know AGI so they must have some idea what is good so please tell me which of these ideas is the better?

1) Rob Black is traveling the US looking for Einstein's brain as it's been stolen by Nazis and theres a big reward on it, this is a pretty open project but has a good plot i think

2) Rob Black is trying to get laid in the beautiful city of Toronto <why nick points this out is beyond me> with fun consequences Ala LSL1

3) Freddy Pharkas 2: Ok It's not Black as the main character but I'd think it deserved a second game

4) Leisure suit larry 4/8 again these games should have been made but hey someones gotta do it

So kids which one should uncle Black make?
AGI1122 I say number 1, I don't think the other games made by other people should really be worked on by anybody except their original authore I.E. Al Lowe should make more LSL games and no one else.
blacki Dang tootin'!

Start your own cult followings.
Go with that original idea.
Noone wants the same re-heated sh*t everyday.
smartguy240 One definantally sounds like a worthy game ;)

Andrew_Baker Definitely, Number One.

Not to be a jerk, but Horizon has only one "r".
RobBlack Okay I suck at speeling, so Canadian wannabes and Eurocentric White Trash:
What should kind should it be

1- Comedy
2- Serious

Come on toss me a bone here Kinder
gpm Even though I'm neither a Canadian wannabe or ethnocentric white trash, I'm voting for Comedy.
AGI1122 I vote for comedy, I have always been in to comedy. I watch stand up for crying out load. :)