SCI Template Game almost done!

Brian_Provinciano My SCI template game is almost done! I have a screen shot on my site, as well as a sample script!

You can see just how easy it will be to make SCI games when I'm done the base.

Check it all out!
AGI1122 Wow that looks great, I can't wait to make my own SCI game.
Robert Eric "You're my savior, man." :) I can't wait.
gpm I just want to congratulate you, Brian, for all of your hard work. Damn good job! :)
gpm I wonder what the programmers for the original SCI games think about SCI Studio.. like how does it compare to the software they used while working for Sierra?
Brian_Provinciano Thanks for your support!

As of today, I have finished recoding 23 scripts, and only have three more to finish recoding. All three are mostly recoded, and just need some touching up! I should be able to release the template game binary tomorrow or the next day. The first release will just be the binaries, no sources, as I still need to document it and clean the code up. I don't want to release a messy template that no one can understand. Most of the variables names are still temp123 or local245 :)

I've had nothing but support from those I've talked to who worked at Sierra. This includes all the authors of the most popular games, and some others.

AGI Studio and SCI Studio are far easier to use than Sierra's original tools. For example, Sierra wrote their scripts in generic text editors like notepad, and used a DOS command line compiler to compile them every time.

You'll be making SCI games VERY VERY soon!
Brian_Provinciano The coding of the template game is essentially done now. I still need to iron out some errors, document it, and remove all the unneeded stuff from it. However, it's here! I should have a binary to release Thursday the 15th.
Robert Eric My god Brian! I can't wait! ....Thursday would be the 16th, but it was just a simple mistake, right?
Brian_Provinciano Yeah, today, the 16th :)

I've gotta go to school now, but when I get home, I'll touch it up and release it!

Once it's documented, and the sources are cleaned up, you'll be making your own SCI games!