Trying to be complex with o0 (player)

I Lostalim Now maybe I'm swinging out of my league here....
(all references made to coding in AGI-Studio - in case you hadn't noticed)

But is there a way that I can change the whole "ruleset" for the o0 'on the fly' as it were?

For example:
The player presses (c34) and then the interpreter loads (View 4) and swaps 'Ego' from using (View 0) to using (View 4) and then perhaps changes the speed at which the 'Ego' walks.
Then of course, the player can press a key (either the same or a new one) to revert back to the way it was.

Now more importantly to me is that it maintains the new "ruleset" between two rooms - not that it might reset any of it by pressing a different direction.