Limitations of Sound Resources

Corby I know it's possible to play sound resources through speaker with the soundblaster... but is it possible to have actual midi files played during your game?
gpm Remember AGI was first developed.. oooh way back in the day of 1982-83, which I think was before MIDI was developed (Correct me if I'm wrong). It would be nice if someone figured out a hack that could play MIDIs directly, but considering AGI's limited architecture I would have to say no. That's also the advantage of working with something like this: we have to get creative!!

P.S. Using AGS would be considered cheating!
sonneveld The AGI interpreter for the Apple IIgs had midi and pcm sound.. the pc version never had such luxuries. I don't know about the age of MIDI but I thought it went hand in hand with all that crappy synthesized music of the 80's :)

- Nick