follow.ego problem

Ron Hi there,
I got problem with the follow ego...
The object follow ego but it aint catch it..
the flag isnt set in the end...
Here is the logic file..
please help!
Robin_Gravel Add ignore.objs(o1) in your code.

or use distance command unstead like this one:

if (v102 < 10 &&
!isset(f0)) {
(add stuff here)

The second suggestion is better because the object is not need to be really closer and pass through the player sometime.

Robin Gravel
Ron Thanks alot man !
I Lostalim Yeah - it's a bit strange that the two objects have to actually overlap for the flag to trigger, not just be touching each other's base lines... The second method [ if (distance(....)) ] is the better method and one I recently started using.

Until then I never tried having an object catch the ego, I'd only used follow.ego(); for having a companion (such as in SQ when Roger buys that droid, and it follows him to the ship) - so I didn't even notice the flag wasn't setting.