Ron Hi, Its me again :P
I just couldnt figure out on my own how to create those npcs.
I tried to learn from other games logics but i didnt understand it..
Is there any tuturial for this ?
Or can anyone please teach me how ?
or just write the code or something ?
Thanks alot.
Oliver I don't know much so I'm just gonna ask, what's an NPC? ???
Ron Non Player Character,
how to move an object (in this case man animation) from point to point.. and when it reachs its destination it stop the animation..
I also read almost all the topics of the forum.. non of them helped me..
Eigen I suppose you know how to load a view and set it to a object. Then just use:

start.cycling(object); //will start the animation (walking)
move.obj(object, x, y, step, flag);

x & y are the positions to walk to. When char. reaches that point the glaf is set. The step is a number that shows how many pixels it will move in one cycle. Usually it's 1.

to check if player reached the x & y, use:

print("You have reached your destination.");


Ron Hey !
Its working!
Thanks alot man !!
I couldnt continue my game without it!!
thanks again.