The waitin' is over.

Robin_Gravel Naturette II: daughter of the moon is now out full complete.

Please read rette2.txt file before posting questions how
to play this game.

Naturette 2 is a mouse game without type in commands.

The game is in french and english in one pack.

Robin Gravel

AGI1122 Great job Robin.
Robin_Gravel Thanks Chris.

Please. Don't put it on your site. I found a serious bug.
I'll put my newest Naturette 2 on my site tomorrow.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano Excellent work Robin! I've very impressed!

When you put up the fixed version, I'll add it to my site.

PS. Get ready--the SCI template game is coming soon!
AGI1122 Don't worry I haven't put it up yet, I have been working on integration of my site with stuff, have a look at

then look at

Do you see how the news from the message board is displayed in test.php I am going to use this new system to replace my current news system. The 10 most recent pieces of news will be displayed on the main page while the news page will be an archive of all past news.

I will probably add the game after all the integration stuff is complete.
Robin_Gravel Naturette 2 fixed.

Robin Gravel
gpm Wow.. how long have you been cranking on that game? I'll be sure to check that out tomorrow!

Robin_Gravel 6 months ago. My biggest agi game I made.
smartguy240 Wow... that is awesome
Brian Provinciano wrote:

PS. Get ready--the SCI template game is coming soon!

The SCI template game is available on your site, Brian.
One more agi game to go: Serguei's destiny 2.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano Yeah. The SCI template is finished being coded. Once I clean it up, comment it, and document it, it will be ready for everyone to use.

I can't wait to see the great SCI games you will make! Your AGI games are excellent, and with the features of SCI, I bet they'll be even better!

Keep up the good work!