What is the best ever Fan Made AGI game ever?

Rob Black Hey kids, Famous Canadian superstar Rob Black here on one of my many exodus from the law to ask all your AGI fans:
What is your favourite fan made AGI game and why?
My vote goes to - Residence 44 Quest
Why?- Because it was the first fan made AGI game i felt compelled to finish, it had a great plot and (despite the legal problems) I remade it in to a story of my Uni days, man i love this game

P.S I'm new to the forum, I'm nothing to do with that sleepy hollow guy
smartguy240 ??? What is all of this about a sleepy hollow guy? I noticed it in another fourm thingy too.

AGI1122 I would have to say SQ:TLC chapter, I have always been a fan of Space Quest. :)
gpm In a way, I don't really like this question. ;D
That's because I really have a hard time deciding between Dave's Quest and Time Quest.

I can't wait until Dave fleshes out the plot to match those graphics - lemme tell you Dave you picked a great topic for a game - college life would be perfect if it wasn't for the classes ;)
I really like the post-apocalyptic scene that Chad ended demo 2 at - kinda reminds me of Chrono Trigger :) And I really like the eras Chad picked out for the rest of the game - a futuristic city, ancient Rome..

I guess at this point if I really had to choose which game is my favorite, I'd say Time Quest, but then again there are so many excellent games out there. I like the fanmade AGI better than Sierra's -- now doesn't that say something to the game companies.

Chad Goulding My favourite fan-made game by far has to be Tex McPhilip 2: Road To Divinity by Magick Poultry. Simply because the game is so incredibly funny. Ok, so the graphics might not be up to the same quality that you'd find in other fan-made games but they're pretty much irrelevant when compared to the superbly written narrative.

The original Tex Mcphilip seemed to concentrate more on being offensive and violent rather than being funny, but the balance was just right in the sequel. I doubt whether a game like this would ever be available in the shops as it'd probably get toned down so much that the humor would be lost.
gpm That's the advantage of not having "quality control"! Which is censorship, really... And it's sad, because then you don't get to see the true personality of the game's creator(s) come through! This, more than anything else, makes fanmade games better than the originals.
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rich Uhh.... what does this have to do with AGI, or even Sierra? And is it true you only have one eye and six fingers. Man, that's wicked. You should make an AGI game about yourself... or get one of the hackers too. Although, I'm not really into destroying society, I'm into stirring it up a bit, just so people are think about things, themselves, the world and other people. It's all about making the world a better albeit, free place.

For me, FQ and FQ2 (and all possible future installments), is about complete free expression and exploring the world of sexuality and even exploiting the thoughts of my own mind regarding the subject. I want to stir up people with it, perhaps so they'll make better games, but also so they'll think about the world and sexuality. Man, down with censorship and all that, but not necessarily total society. That would just lead ultimately to rebuilding society, perhaps not the same, but an equally structured society. Hmm. I think we got it pretty good right now. Anyway, I'm rambling here. Keep a look at all for the next chapter of FQ. I'm so excited.

p.s. Except Icabod. He should go to hell.
RobBlack I know i got off point, it was a one off as my site's being put togeter, I'm hoping to put Black Residence 44 Quest my version of residence 44 which has me in it as well as my cohorts, incidently i write these messages from my little private room of St Micheals in Toronto where I'm recovering from a RTA which cost me 'certain' bits of my body but that's neither here nor there
Incidently my site will have agi on it soon as i can get a decent set togethert, no BS from Black
- Rob Black

P.s Icebod Sux

PPS. My newest project "Black Horizion" is begining today and yes, it's all me baby!
sonneveld toronto eh?

- Nick
Trapped ...i am partial to V...

Space Quest TLC is good, because it is one of the few 'finished' games, but it is not 'the greatest' by any stretch of the word