V - Arcade Sequences

bokkers Hi folks,

as I'm working on V again, some feedback from those who played demo 2 would be nice. What is your opinion about the arcade sequences?

AGI1122 My vote probably does not count, but I like them. Although I think a few more would be nice.
bokkers Hi Chris,

of course your vote will count. As you're involved with the V project, I'd say it counts at least double. ;)

I myself can't objectively decide whether the arcade sequences are too hard or not, so it's very important to have some feedback from players.

Thanks to everyone who voted so far. The poll will still be running for some time, so if anyone out there hasn't voted yet, please leave us your opinion.
Kon-Tiki Ehmm... not 'bout the arcade sequences, but... make the game less hard. I stopped playing the 2nd part because I got stuck. I couldn't get the cat or do whatever I had to do with it (forgot what it was now), couldn't go to a place (I think I had to go over that wooden fence, but that didn't work and there was just no other way)... things like that.