Kings Quest IV

brad When I try to read or edit a script after opening kings quest iv it says I can only create scripts and not edit them. I want to learn this by editing. Is there anyway to get it to edit?

Robin_Gravel No you can't.

I suggest to download DG: I want my C64 back. This game encludes with source codes. King's quest don't have source codes and Sci Studio cannot decompiles sci games unless the source codes are included.

Robin Gravel
doan sephim robin is right. right now, it's not possible to edit scripts for KQ4 QfG1 SQ3 etc...but i think there are open source versions of pretty much all the fan-made sci i right? brian's lockergnome quest has an open source download...i think that my quest for the cheat is open source...i think that you can get al pond 2 in open source also.
find lockergnome here:
quest for the cheat:
al pond 2: - al pond 2 - source
hope that helps
brads I downloaded alpond 2, brought it up in SCI studio 3 and it still says cannot modify the scripts and it only shows a little bit of them when I click on them.

Robin_Gravel Go to the official Al Pond site.

Be sure you are downloaded the game with source code.

Put the source code to \src directory

It should work

Robin Gravel