Sidrious play I wondered, how you think about writing some codes of some effects? I mean, like in Goldrush, the people wich walk along the streets. Or a man who shits... I got some problems in doing this. ::)

So, that each N00bs or "Problemhavers" (like me) hasn't to ask again and again, I opened this thread. Please write the codes, as you write it to a N00b. :P
bokkers Hi,

hmm, about the man who shits I would say it's more a graphical problem than a programming problem. ;)

For the V-game I've made a peasant-generator for some of the downtown rooms. Basically I generate a var with a random value from 1-20 (or whatever you like), then I have 10 different peasants assigned to values 1-10, and if the value is higher than 10 there are no peasants at all.

I can post some code of that if you like although it's not very neat code. But I got away with it. ;D
Sidrious play That would be great!

'bout the man who shits. It's like this: I programmed that the ego automatically walks to the toilet when typing "sit on toilet", but I can't do that he unwear his pants, so i just programmed that he sits. But if I press a arrow-button, he starts moving that direction endless... How do I do that, that the ego unwears his pants and sit down and if I type "shit" he starts, uhm... doing it? ;D (I tried several things)

Andrew_Baker Well, you can take control from the player... I think it's computer.control() or something (It's been a couple years since I did AGI programming). Then, after the pooping animation is finished, you use player.control() to give control back to the player.

All of this is in the excellent help files found in AGIStudio. Study them, learn them, sleep with them under your pillow.
Sidrious play Oh yeah!

I forgot about that file! ::)

Thanks... But I won't study on my birthday ::)