Brush Tool on PICEDIT

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What the heck is the Brush Tool for on PICEDIT?
It seems to do absoultely nothing for me!! I thought it was to make little dots on the screen so I used it. nothing happened (nothing was there) when I opend my game!

AGI1122 It does make little dots. But first you have to switch it to the setting for it. There is 2 options they don't have names though they are 2 blocks that have shapes, the shape on the bottom will allow you to draw dots as long as both it and the brush are selected.
smartguy240 I can get it to draw the dots on my screen but they will not show up on my game for some reason... ???
AGI1122 Maybe your drawing to the priority screen?
smartguy240 Well, it will appear on the visual screen. I will try it again after awhlie though

smartguy240 Another thing I just figured out was that if you draw the black or whatever piority lines, and lines on the visual, you can fill them in if they are closed. I used to fill the background first then everything else I filled in took forever because I did it by LINE or by STEP. Is there another way to reaccess the fill command after you have filled everything in?

AGI1122 Fill can only be used if you are filling in white.
smartguy240 RIGHTY-0 THANK YOU! 8)

gpm I wish you could use the fill color in PICEDIT the way you can in Paint, where the color you fill in over doesn't have to be white. It would make drawing a whole lot easier.

I better stop before I imply Microsoft's program is better (than anything else), which would be blasphemy. :-X ;D
AGI1122 Well we can't make the tool like that. AGI doesn't allow filling in any other color than white. This isn't a limitation in picedit but is a limitation in AGI.
Randy If you want to fill in an area that was previously filled in with another color, don't lose hope. What I've found works is to go back through the queue until you find the action that filled the white area with the now undesired color. Delete that action. Now step forward to the end of the queue list and viola, a white area ready to be filled in again with a new color.
gpm This is the reason why AGI Repeat is such a handy tool. It maps out the commands used in drawing a picture, and because of this you can change what commands are used (for instance, you can change the color filled in the sky from blue to black, to change from day to night.)
smartguy240 I ran my game through NAGI,(by the way Nick, NAGI is awesome!) and I noticed that the brush tool things were on the ground where I put them. It must have been what I was running the game through because the sound works in 3 channels now and so does a few other things.

Mokalus_of_Borg You might have been using an older version of the interpreter. If I recall correctly, brush commands weren't added to the PIC format until around SQ2.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I don't know what version of the interpreter that is, though.
PPS - I also don't know if I'm right. :P
Kon-Tiki That going back and forth in the data of Picedit gives a few problems. Yesterday, I was drawing a picture and wanted some things adjusted. I found out that you can go back until you can adjust it and so I did. I finished the work and saved. When I entered it in the game, all the changes were back again and my picture was crappy. So BE WARNED, better think twice before using the data as an undo-function.
sonneveld Did you import the picture back into your game?

- Nick
smartguy240 If you went back to change things, you must press delete multiple times to erase the things that were after where you changed it




i go back to fix it to look like this


but if I dont delete the things after where I went back I looks like this


hope I helped


P.S. Nicks post might help too ;)
Kon-Tiki So if I'm not mistaken, the arrow keys are for looking in the history of your picture, the delete button serves as an undo-function. Thanks for the help.