Script Depository

cyoung_mi Hello and Thanks for a great program..

I've been playing around with ScStudio 3 for a little
while now.. but admit I'm not a great programmer.

I was wondering if there was a website or something
that has some general scripts people could use in
their games.. I saw the Tutorials on Brian's website.
Those are great..

But didnt know if there was another resource for scripts.

Look forward to SCVGA!
doan sephim i think if you download my game "quest for the cheat" that you can open up the scripts and look at them - i think...can anyone verify that...i think that its open source, but im not completely sure...but my scripts are pretty basic and not very advanced - i use the same old "tricks" you might say.
also, you could download an open source version on brian's short game "lockergnome quest" and you could look at some of the scripts there too.
hope that these help.
Eigen Yes, there should be new tutorials. I could write one, but what should be covered in it?