My First Agi game is done

Corby LaCroix Well my game is done, with the exception of spelling mistakes..... where should I upload it to... I was thinking of the Ultimate Agi/Sci website for sure... anywhere else?
Don't expect too much... this is the work of a person who has basically no programming skills with the exception of very basic, basic programming skills.
It's a murder mystery designed to amuse my friends.
I hope you get some enjoyment!
gpm Hey Corby,
Just want to start by saying congratulations on completing your game! The AGI gaming nuts in the community look forward to seeing your work. :) Finally, something new to play! ;)

Honestly, the best way to program is to always learn new skills and KEEP PROGRAMMING! I can't tell you how many people at my school drop out or change majors because they lose patience..

My motivation to program AGI is in one way due to the fact that in school I learn to program business applications.. data manipulation is fun only for so long.. and the simple graphic environment of AGI is a nice way to manipulate pictures for a change!

I had a point to this post.. which was this:
For all those folks who host AGI games on their sites (Chris, Robin, Dave, plus everybody else), maybe you could organize the games on your sites so that "starter games", such as Agent Quest, Date Quest, etc. could be separated from full games like URI Quest, SQ:TLC and Naturette... the point being so newcomers to AGI can see how we originated as programmers, from our humble beginnings to gargantuan graphic adventures.. Of course, assuming that we want to promote and expose AGI as a serious language - which I think is happening with all of the neato utilities (such as the maze and BLG) that are being developed.

Just throwing some thoughts out there.
AGI1122 My site's games are a little different, I only put up games that people have actually spent some real time working on, not something like 3 rooms.

Corby, send it to me and I will put it up on my web site at Send it to
Corby I'd say it's pretty big... There's about 35 rooms(It's set in a mansion)... there's 10 acts, and it's about 900k unzipped! Even with the .vol rebuilt.
I'll send it probably tommorrow.. I just want to get some spelling errors out.
sonneveld we need a database of agi games.. like freshmeat or sourceforge.

If somebody was handy with sql and php.. they could knock something up where people could register and upload their game (1 megabyte limit) perhaps. You'd need a lot of space however

- Nick
AGI1122 Hey Nick I could possibly do that, I have been learning php and mySQL by modify yabbse boards, plus I have made an avatar uploader script. If I modify the avatar uploader script a bit I could make it so people could upload AGI games to my site and add their credit and stuff to a mySQL database.

I think I have plenty of space as well 200mb... I will take a look at what I would need to do to make this.
sonneveld What would you need to describe a game?

title, author, state (finished, beta, halfway done), description, screenshots, homepage, interpreter version, update history, user comments (as long as they were good.. you could use your status to remove anything offensive), rating (authors that allow it)

You'd want userless games if you wanted to add games where the author hasn't claimed it yet. (if you wanted to catalog all games)

if you associate interpreter versions, you could allow the use to download the correct interpreter along with the game. You could save a bit of space since you wouldn't have the interpreter binary bundled with each game.

That's just some ideas off the top of my head.

- Nick
AGI1122 Alright, I am going to begin by making the forms.

Also a note, I have learned how to access and use information from a mySQL databases. Go to and look at the menu and you can see how I have integrated a message board users online thingy into the menu, this was just a test and will not become part of my site, but I think I might try making the user online thing detect users in my chat room though.
Robin_Gravel Hi Corby

If you looking for a site for your game, send it to me at:

Naturette 2 is very close to be complete. I can put your game at the same time that Naturette 2.

Robin Gravel