PQ1 - the poker game

sehh I've been playing Police Quest 1 under Sarien (Linux Fedora Core 2).

I reached the point where i've got to play a poker game near the end
of the game. The game starts and if i win, the game just sits there
doing nothing. I've been told that after i win, the game should start
again several times untill i win a considerable amount of money.

Unfortunately that never happens. So, once i win the first poker round,
the game just sits there doing nothing with the message "Whitely wins".

anyone seen this problem before? is this a bug in sarien? or am i doing
something wrong?

Thank you.
MagickPoultry I think there's a button you have to push to get it to re-deal. One of the F keys. F4 maybe. It should tell somewhere in the game.

Or, are you trying that already?
sehh apparently, the problem was that i hit ESC first (trying to get the menu to save) and then hitting F4.

the problem appears with ESC, which completely freezes the game if pressed at that particular point. So F4 has no effect after that.

Sarien or PQ1 bug? oh well doesn't matter.

I finished with 2 points less than full score :(

ok now off to freesci to play PQ2 :)