F**k Quest 2?

Rob Black ??? ??? ??? WHERE IS F**K QUEST 2?!?! ??? ??? ???
rich Well, everyone seemed to lose interest, so, so did I. People were all mean to me when that Icabod coldly berated me. They said it was my fault. Anyway, FQ2 is still coming, but I'm putting it on ice for the time being. No one else seems to really care about games. People are all caught up in making stupid utitilies. But what's the point if no one uses them to make games. If you're gonna make a utility, make a sound editor, and one the lay man can use, not some complicated thing. Make a nice visual sound editor that doesn't require any rol or midi converters. It should directly create the .snd file that agi requires. In fact, until I see such an editor (or five complete games), I'm holding FQ2 ransom. And believe me, this is bad for all of you, because it is a very exciting game!

That is all for now. You know what you have to do!

Joel slow down, man. The Visual AGI sound editor is actually pretty straightforward to use, once you realize how to enter the notes. The more recent betas come with instructions, so it shouldn't be too much trouble for even the lay man to learn it (as much as the lay man can learn to use an application whose purpose is musical composition).

I don't know about other people, but I don't generally write utilities just to write utilities. I write them because I think they would be useful to me in creating my game. And if they're useful to me, there's a chance they'll be useful to someone else, as well, so I may as well package 'em up and make 'em available.
Nailhead When I first discovered that people were creating AGI games some time last year I guess, I was estatic. Before I actually started writing one myself, I realized that AGI Studio's source had been released. As I saw a few bugs that needed to be fixed, I fixed them. Not being a stingy guy, I re-released AGI Studio so that others could benefit from my changes. Well, that's my story and I'm sure that's everyone else's story too. So before you go assuming that "we're all caught up in making stupid utitilies", realize this, without us, how would you have created your "very exciting game"?
rich wrote:

No one else seems to really care about games. People are all caught up in making stupid utitilies. But what's the point if no one uses them to make games.

The idea is to make it quicker and easier to make the games. This way we should see more people finish their games instead of get half-way and then get bored with it.
Robin_Gravel Sometimes the game makers need to be encouraged.

If Rich or someone else didn't receive e-mails to say "two thumbs up", or "don't give up", the game makers think no one is interesting to his game and stop finishing games.

That's why some persons stop finishing games. For me, I'm interesting to see F**k quest 2 finished.

Robin Gravel
Rob Black >:( I find it sickening that after all thye hype Rich won't deliver something we all want until we agree to his terms, please Rich just finish the game
rich Hmmm, I've never heard of you before, Rob Black. Is it possible you're actually Icabod, and secretly, you truly desire my game? Well, I will finish FQ2 and release it. I take back my silly threats. I would truly be interested in sound editor I could use. I couldn't even get Visual AGI loaded up, let alone get to the sound utility part.
Joel Have you tried the most recent betas of the sort of standalone sound editor? Are you running Windows 95? I think there was an issue with that OS where some kind of accessibility software had to be installed before the sound editor would run.
rich Hmmm. No, I didn't notice the stand-alone version. But, I do use Windows 95. Kind of the standard these days. It seems that with computers there always are accessibility issues. I will try a computer that has a newer windows and look into using the standalone version. Thanks, Joel. And please, people. Let's see more games.
sonneveld see more games? how about you do something about yours before you start telling everybody else what to do.

- Nick