Sound Guide

RazZ Hello all!

I having a problem playing sounds. I can easeliy play sound from the pc speaker but how do i get out of my soundblaster??

I know about drivers but not how too use them.

can anyone please come whidt af complete guide playing sounds from soundblaster??

Regards Rasmus Hamberg
AGI1122 Well check the game's directory, if there is an install.exe file in there you can run that file to change your configuration. In the sound settings just set the driver you want, in this case sound blaster.

If you don't have install.exe in a certain game's directory, you will probably have to manually modify resource.cfg and change the soundDrv setting to use the driver you need.

If just sound blaster change it to this:

If soundblaster/adlib change it to this:
soundDrv = ADL.DRV