AGI Studio v1.36 (testing needed)

Nailhead Here it is:
version 1.36 (966kb)

Chris is working on a redesign of the help file. Instead of it's current Win32 Help form, it'll be one of those fancy new HTML help thingies. So until he's finished with that I decided to get the ball rolling and let you guys try out the newest version and let me know what explodes before I actually release it.

Version 1.36 (5/2/2002)
  • Added a menu which can be personalized with links to other programs or websites
  • Added ability to export logics as HTML, RTF or BMP (useful for writing tutorials)
  • The 'Open Game' dialog now remembers the last directory accessed
  • Fixed the double slash that was appearing in the game directory under WinXP
  • Fixed error with importing compiled logics with empty code blocks
  • Fixed a bug with right-clicking in the resource window
  • Joel When I start it up, I get an error message that says

    Access violation at address 005415DB in module 'AGISTUDIO.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF.

    The program then seems to run ok.

    How is the Utils menu customized? I don't see any way to do it from inside the program.

    I like the export as HTML option. A couple of suggestions, though. Can there be an option or something to cut down on the font tags and maybe use style sheets instead? The entire logic source code could be enclose in PRE tags so that it doesn't wrap when the window is too small, and when syntax coloring is needed, using stylesheet classes and SPAN elements can do the trick (for example use a SPAN with class = "comment" for comments and in the stylesheet specify all the properties). The PRE + stylesheet solution would also eliminate the need for all those non-breaking spaces in the code and would allow the code to be easily customized after it is exported.

    I don't seem to be able to tab through the options on the Logic Options dialog. The focus rectangle goes from OK to Cancel to the property sheet tabs and then back down to OK, skipping over all the controls on the property sheet.

    The issue with tabs in the logic editor still seems to be there (tabs indent too far and seem to ignore the settings in the logic options box). Also the cursor is still allowed to go beyond the end of the line even when Cursor beyond EOL is not checked (and I'd still like to see the cursor automatically go to the next line when the right arrow key is pressed at the end of a line and to the previous line when the left key is pressed at the beginning of a line).

    Ctrl+G is still overloaded as a shortcut key in the logic editor, bringing up the Goto Line dialog instead of running the game.

    Importing compiled logics with empty code blocks works ok now. Thanks for fixing that.

    The preview window is now being updated correctly when a resource is right clicked. Cool.

    All right, that's all I've got for now. If I see anything else, I'll let you know.
    Nailhead Thanks for the list. As for the suspicious error msg upon executing the app, I think it's somewhat tied to the customization of the Utils menu. I'm not getting this error msg and I'd like to know who else is getting it, and also which OS are you using (I know you've probably said it a million times in the forums but I forgot).

    To customize the Utils menu, there is a "Customize Menu..." menu item present on the menu. When clicking on that it should bring up a menu editor dialog. From there you can manage your links. My guess is that the Utils menu is empty on yours?

    Good idea using CSS, although I'll have to think that through and don't think I'll get to it by this release but I'll try getting the logic editor cursor issues dealt with.
    Joel I'm using Windows 98 SE, and the Utils menu is completely empty for me.
    SQ Windows 2000 here:

    "Access violation at adress 005415DB in module 'AGIstudio.exe'. Read of adress 00000300."
    and no utils...

    Brian_Provinciano Running XP, I get the violation as well. It crashes AGI Studio and sometimes won't run it at all.

    When I release SCI Studio 2.1 and it's source code in the next few days, download it. Check out main.cpp for the code to add to menus during runtime and such. It's C++Builder, so it's 100% compatible with Dephi (just convert the C syntax to Pascal). I can't seem save views properly. When I make or change a view and then try to save it, I only save the black and white parts of the view. And I when I try to make a new game, AGI Studio says the directory is invalid, no matter what directory I try.
    I encounter these problems with both AGI Studio 1.35 and 1.36.
    I use Windows 2000.

    *pretty desperate* Can anyone help me please?
    failrate Yes, get Bill Gates in a side head lock and noogie him until 2000+ versions of Windows are truly backwards compatible.

    DOS is dead! Long live DOS!
    Tactics Craft I'm using Windows 2000 and I get that error message on start up and when I try to make a new game from template, I get "invalid directory" after choosing a directory. I, as well, had the "invalid directory" problem when using 1.35