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Danny Roerring yes is it possible in version 3 or above to create extra indicators say a health bar food bar and weight bar on the display screen instead of the score indicator. :D
cloudee1 There may not be enough room to display all of that on the menu bar, but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be possible.

But then again I have never done it so my guess is only a guess, not an educated one.
Danny Roerring Dude it's been 3 days comon somone please reply i need to know
doan sephim im sure its possible...would it be worth all the extra coding it would take to do it instead of putting those bars anywhere else; probably not. if i were you, i would just make a life bar and put it in the upper right corner or really any corner.
Danny Roerring how would i go about doing such a thing like what code would i need and how and where would i place the code
doan sephim i dont want to sound rude, so let me begin by saying that if i knew i would tell you...that is, im ignorant of how to do it myself.
but if you do not even know where to put in the code to make this change, it is unlikely that you have a good enough grasp of the language even to make the changes necessary. with my limited knowledge, i can tell that it would be a very difficult thing to do, necesitating alot of code that im definately not smart enough to do myself as it would have to go in scripts already writted as templates and mess around with the code there.
besides all of that, there is an easier solution, and one that i think is more aesthetically appealing anyway. you could put a long black bar under the top bar, or at the bottom of the screen with all of these indicators.
again, my intention is not to sound rude and assume youre not a competent script writer. i just want to say, why travel the up-hill road full of obstacles when there is an easier (and i think better) road?
no reason spending hours on something that could be done in minutes
Eigen That would be quite easy to make. Open up and scroll down to

(instance statusCode of Code

Then just replace the Format with:

Format(param1 " Health: %d Food: %d Weight: %d " healthVar foodVar weightVar)

or something like that. The healthVar, foodVar and weightVar are global variables contain the values you need to show. Is this what you mean?

Danny Roerring Cool man thanks alot for that i needed it
doan sephim yup, that proves my ignorance rather sufficiently! :P
Danny Roerring hay is there anyway to add graphics the these extra bars say like below

///////// |
________________ |

idoit i think you should ask HIM!!!
Danny Roerring Can someone that knows this shit please help