SCI Studio (Current Version - New Version) Help

Danny Roerring Say i make a game in the current SCI Studio (version 3. ??) . Will the game be able to be edited to say create new better quality images and code in the new version of SCI Studio (version 4.0)
AGI1122 Yes, Brian has said that he wants people to start making their games in SCI Studio 3. Then when SCI Studio 4 is released all they can use the same scripts, and just replace the graphics with better graphics.
cloudee1 Hey Chris I don't remember Brian saying that, I thought he wanted everyone to keep making games with 3 because the syntax isn't that much different.
but as far as say converting ega game to a vga, just updating graphics and dropping the scripts probably won't be sufficient. The user interacts differently in the later sci games, point and click, where as our current input is parser based.

AGI1122 Yes, Brian said to use SCI Studio 3 for now to start your games.

The second part was what I was saying, I was only speaking in general, and if you really want to get into it, there is more involved than just placing the scripts in and having them work. You have to replace the interpreter with a newer one which can use the better graphics. You also have to change the scripts to use the point and click system, although, the ega version can have point and click as well, so if you put point in click in the script all you have to do is convert it rather than code it from scratch when 4 is released. You also need to move all the resources into the new resource for the new interpreter. You will probably have to tweak some scripts as they might not work with the newer SCI interpeters, or they might not work with the default scripts that are required by that interpreter.

What he should be focusing on is getting the scripts going, working on story line, and creating various resources like sounds, fonts, etc.

Anyway, as I already said, I was only speaking in general. I wasn't trying to get into detail, but you totally spoiled that by disecting what I said. ;)