contest results almost done

Joey hello everyone.
just wanted to let you know the contest has been discontinuted. there is no winner, i am not judging.

muahahaha. just joking. ive been busy lately and i appologize for the delay. ive already looked at 2 of the games. i just need to finish the other 2. ill try and post the games and results online this week. thank you for your patience.
Oliver COME ON JOEY!!!

This is getting just pefethic.
It didn't even take so much time to make my game than it's taking you to judge the games.
It's been...what...2 weeks by now? Just anounce the winner...this is getting lame... :-\

I'd have the winner known in 20 min. Just choose the game that is the best, it isn't that hard...
ChadGoulding well said Oliver!

Although I think your chances of winning might not be so high now :P
Oliver heh, well, I just want the results to be known and that other people could play the games now. This just sucks that the "judgeing" is taking so much time.
Joey well EXCUUUUUSSEEE me! i have been real busy and havent gotten around to it yet, but i finally finished it today. sorry for the delay. check the new thread.