AGI assistant

blacki I'm currently programming an applet that will do the programming that is fairly repetitive. Just cut+paste into Logic.

So far I've included a feature that puts in doors.
And will also include windows and drawers/cupboards features and would like some feedback and ideas.

I will not make a program that does everything for you.
It will just help do the repetetive tasks.

I wanted to know also that for different platforms;
Unix, Apple..etc. Is the code different? I've only used AGI Studio, so I don't know if Sarien uses different code. Or if it's all the same.
Joel all of the interpreters use the same AGI byte code, so in that sense yes Sarien uses the same code as the Sierra interpreter. the interpreters themselves never see the source code. AGI Studio and Sarien are really two different types of applications. AGI Studio compiles the data needed for an AGI-compatible interpreter to run the game. Sarien is an AGI-compatible interpreter.

the logic source code syntax is pretty much standardized, so it's safe to use AGI Studio's syntax for anything you write. there has been talk of creating a new AGI syntax, but you'll probably finish writing your program long before that really materializes.

I'm curious how the doors thing you're making works. What sort of data do you give the program, and what does it give you back? (an example would be good)
blacki The applet will be able to run on a webpage, this way you can use it regardless of your OS.

Pretty much all you do is select what you want to add, eg. Door, window, cupboard, etc. then just type in the stuff it needs to know; X, Y, view, loop,, flag number.
Then the applet has two output text boxes;
One to put in the start of your Logic (just under "if (isset(f5)){") and the other to paste into your code( before the last "}" ).

The applet will output the code for all the things you need; opening the door, not close enough, going into next room, coming back out of the room, knocking or locking doors, objects in drawers. Any other ideas i will look into as well.

I've already done most of the doors part so far, but could take a while with the rest of it, as I'm doing the programming in Notepad.
sonneveld Have you tried the java IDE RealJ? I used it when I was programming java at uni. Syntax colouring 'n everything like that. It was nice 'n simple too.

- Nick
blacki Sounds pretty similar to jEdit.

And I think I'll just write the logic to a txt file. It'll be easier I think to use.
blacki The AGI Assistant will be released as an application.

It's just easier to use.