AGI-SCI reviewer needed

dimidimidimi The Inventory is a monthly PDF magazine for adventure games published by and in different languages by various websites worldwide. We are currently looking for volunteer reviewers of AGI/SCI games. Send your applications to (preferrably with a sample review).

All issues of The Inventory are available for download free of charge from:

Robin_Gravel The last issue of Inventory says the next one will not free anymore.

Robin Gravel
dimidimidimi Yes we did say that, but since then we have come up with an alternative plan to raise funds, that won't involve charging the readers.
Robin_Gravel That's a good news dimidimidimi

By the way I think your interviews are too long for me. Two pages of each interview should be fine.

That's just my opinions

Robin Gravel

b@st@ste hey, robin, maybe YOU could do some reviews? i think you've got the talent that is needed!

(this just being my opinions)
Robin_Gravel Thanks b@dt@ste

No. I'm too busy with my working games.

Joey and Joel could write some reviews.

Check out Joey's Serguei's destiny review:

Joel wrote all Naturette series reviews:

Robin Gravel
Joey i guess i could do a few reviews. you can see the one review i did thats my web site. robin just put up a link. my writing skills have gotten better since then :) that was from a long time ago. but i dont think i would write more than 2 or 3 pages. how frequently would i be doing reviews? once a month? give me the details and ill i might consider it.