does no one know how to control speed?

morrowind how the hell do you make an animation run a different speed to the cycle delay of the interpretor? someone must of done it at some point, but no one seems to know how to do it.

the step.time command doesnt work the only way to slow down an animation is to change the cycle delay but then everything slows down.

Surly someone out there must know how to change speed ?
AGI1122 Well to avoid my being redundant, here is some posts about it:

Not sure if he ever figured it out or not since he didn't reply after that.
morrowind Come on someone? how the hell does anyone do animations without knowing how to control their speed, you must of all done animations before?
Robin_Gravel You need Cycle.time command to animate some animations at
different speed.

cycle.time(o1,v100); //If o1 is your view to animate slower.

Robin Gravel
morrowind Thanks Alot man i've been trying to get that for ages, i'm forever indebted to you, if theres anything i can help you with i'll be happy too. I'd like to help with Half - Death but i couldnt do very much at the moment, but if theres anything you'd like me to do, like ideas & doing the english explannation again i'd very happy to just ask

Thanks again ;D