Funny error

Mickey While developing an AGI-game, I unexpectedly found a rather mysterious error. It appears as if, whenever I enter a particular simple two-word command, there is an "I don't know that word"-error, even though I have properly entered the specific word into the words.tok-file.

This has never occurred before and for the game, it is imperative that the error be sorted out.
AGI1122 You need to save the words.tok changes, then recompile logic 0, and 99 since those 2 files check the words.tok file for unknown words.
Mickey Thanks, Chris, but I am sorry to report that it didn't seem to have any effect at all.

I am terribly confused. There seems to be no problem with the verb of the command nor the command as a unit.
Interestingly, it is the particular word for the accusative object that is refused; replacing it produces the desired result, which is more or less fucked up.
rwfromxenon Make sure that when you are testing input that you do it like this:


print("Oh, that r0x0rs my b0x3rs.");

note that there is a comma between words.
Mickey Some days have passed since my last post.

Perhaps I should have mentioned at an earlier moment that I have already taken care of this error. It's not a problem anymore.
However, I don't recall what the mistake in the code was.
I'd guess it'd be interesting for educational purposes to know, but I really don't give a fuck.
Allen's suggestion wasn't completely on target, since it did produce an error, but not the one I fought my way through.

So problem's fixed, thanks for the help anyway.