Need some SCI VGA Views

Alliance Hey, I'm just wondering, does anyone have the following views?
-QFG3 Hero: walking, running, and sneaking
-Roger Wilco from SQ5: Cadet and Captain uniform
If anyone has any of those, please put those in a paint format for each frame of the character. Then send it to me at
The reason for all this is because I want to make a bunch of fangames of Space Quest and Quest for Glory.
Alliance Good god. Almost 60 people have looked at this and no one has answered. Can't somebody help me for once?
Alliance wrote:

Good god. Almost 60 people have looked at this and no one has answered. Can't somebody help me for once?


All the views you are talking are sci vga. That means you have a little change to get an answer since vga sci studio
is not ready yet.

Myself, I am not working on sci vga games untill Brian releases vga sci studio.

I suggest to visit ags forum to ask pictures from qfg3 and
sq vga. Then you make views with those pictures.

ags forum

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Well I figured that somebody else would handle it which is why I didn't respond.

There is some tools that can let you extract those VGA resources on this site:

But, the tools are buggy, or don't work for all the games. So you will probably have to wait for the next version of SCI Studio to be able to get at those views unless somebody can rip them some other way.
Alliance Hmm...I tried those, but it says stupid crap, such as "You need a Gamespy account"
Well, I don't have one, so could someone just send it to me?
Robin_Gravel What a shame.

Anyway you still need VGA sci studio to make your vga game.

Robin Gravel
cloudee1 Uhm, why don't you just get a gamespy account?

Alliance Okay, I did. Not much though.
I got a hacked version of SDV.exe, though
I could get sprites from the QFG3 demo, but the hero sprites were all mixed up (example: legs where torso should be)
So I gave up all hope...but there's a Russian SCI version which lets you get stuff from QFG4 and stuff like that.
But I don't have it.
Anyone have a link to that at least?
Endroz Here is Vladimir Gneushev's webpage:

You're lucky it supports Quest for Glory 3 (but...only views, no pics).

Alliance Hey, thanks. Which utility is it called?
Endroz It is called "ViewView 2".