Guest I've messed around with SCI studio for a while, and this looks amazing. There is so much potencial, and power in this program. The only downfall is the errors, and crashes, bugs, glitchs and so on. Brian, I know is hard at work, most likely on the next update. Hopefully these things will be fixed. I'm saying that this could go far, and has a lot of power behind it. Fix the errors, and you'll be set. I'll keep tampering with it trying to fix these dag-nabbed errors. Good luck to Brian, and update us on the latest news.
compgeek1221 Well, not to be a smartaleck here, but maybe if you tell us what errors you refer to, we might could give you solutions. SCS works fine for me (Windows XP Pro).
AGI1122 The only problems SCI Studio has, is on windows 98 and older. If you have a version of windows newer than 98, than you won't have problems with crashes.
cloudee1 You won't have as many problems.